The 8 ball pool is an application which is basically a game. It is available on its official website. In order to understand the game you are first required to understand the game rules. Here they are:

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  1. There are two types of game which you can choose from. The first type is the one on one type game where you play against another player and the next type is a tournament where you play against 7 other players in a knockout game.
  2. In order to play a one on one game, all the player is required to do is click on the play button and start earning Pool Coins.
  3. In case the person wants to enter into a tournament match, then he/she can do so by clicking on the tournament option provided on the screen.
  4. There are two ways to move ahead in the game that is by collecting more and more amount of Pool coins and Pool cash. This is acquired as the individual wins matches against the opponents. These coins and cash help the player in unlocking the new themes, cues and many other options in the game.
  5. There is a pool shop available for the player. When the player has accumulated a sufficient number of coins and cash, then he/she can go on to this option provided on the screen and can purchase whatever the player thinks will provide advantages over the opponent.
  6. As the player moves up the ladder the stakes start becoming high. The number of coins used is in plenty, the level of the game is difficult and the type of competition also gets tougher.

Challenge Friends

What is the most interesting aspect of this game is that it is not necessary for the player to play against the system chosen opponent. The player can challenge his/her friends to play the game too. It is fun among the friends and the enjoyment level also gets doubled.

Get connected

You can also get connected with the official websites of the 8 pool game. This keeps you updated with the latest features included in the game, the latest version of the game and all the updated techniques to become a very good player at 8 pool games.

Get free Pool Coins and Rewards

There are a number of websites available on the internet which provides the players of the game with the links which lead them to the free pool coin page. However, most of the times these sites are misleading or the URL is broken. So it is recommended that the website you visit should be safe and easy to reach.

The game can be really time consuming as when the person wins, the likelihood to play more increases and even when the player loses at a crashing condition then also the player wants to earn more points to play at the same level once again. The game can be an addiction to many just in the name of getting cues and playing at tables where the stakes are high.

Pool Cheats

A number of videos at YouTube teach the tricks which can be used by the players through which they can easily win at the initial levels of the 8 pool game. The videos are getting views and some of the prominent players are trusted and they earn from these videos. The cheat of the 8 pool game can be really easy to get but it is the practice which it takes to succeed at the game.

Top Players

A list of the players is also maintained by the owners of the game. The Leaderboard constantly updates the names of the players who are among the top persons to play 8 pool games smartly. The player is also given with this facility that he/she can go to the profile of the player while fighting against the opponent to see the proficiency of the player. The number of matches won and lost by him/her and the number of pool coins or pool cash he/she bags.

To help you out, we have come up with some of the tips for the beginners which will allow them to play their best. These pool game cheats will help you score more.

  1. It is your choice which is going to make all the difference. So when you are new to the game, choose the table which is low at competition level. Understand that you can grow only step by step. Choosing your table wisely will ensure winning chances getting high. This would mean more Pool coins.
  2. In order to become one of the regular players and being ranked on the leaderboard quickly, you should open the app every day. This will make sure that you are a regular visitor to the app and a player.
  3. Each and every person earns the pool coins and pool cash, but only few invest them properly. As a player you should keep in mind that you use the coins properly. That you purchase the cues which are actually going to help in the long run and will give you advantage over your opponent.
  4. Using a little English is also necessary to become a champ of the 8 pool game.
  5. A very important aspect of the game is that you should shoot faster. When you shoot faster the propensity with which the stick will hit the balls would be high and this can solve your problems. It is only because the players do not get an idea of releasing the stick that they get stuck in the game and do not play accordingly. Try out this trick and then you will notice the use of it.
  6. Extending the aim is also very necessary while you are playing. The site of the whole table and the reach increases, the proximity of hitting also increases. The player gets clarity and the chances of hitting the ball also increases.


The 8 pool game is among one of the leading games in the world and the share of this game in the gaming industry is steadily increasing as more and more people want to join this game.

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